It’s the time of the year when the weather transitions into summer. With each passing day it’s time you kick-start your style for the season and get ready for summer trends. The iconic tortoiseshell glasses have always been the best and the most elegant accessory you can wear. These glasses might turn a few heads as they ooze luxury and class. Tortoiseshell glasses come in various shades of yellow and brown, so you do not have to worry whether they would suit your complexion or not. These glasses always make it to your style checklist.

So, get ready to up your fashion game for we bring you a list revealing secrets to pairing these glasses perfectly with your attire so that you make a few heads turn!

1. Glam up A Simple Sundress with Tortoiseshell Glasses

Many of you might have considered buying a pair of tortoiseshell glasses at least once in your lifetime. It’s because these glasses are so classy and have been a fashion statement for a long time. Whether it’s on thick oversized acetates or as temple tip detailing on thinner wire frames; this spotted pattern has been stirring up a sense of antiquity and class in eyewear for ages. Pair Cocoleni eye wear with a white or pastel colored sundress, a chic bag and your favorite boots. You’re good to go!

2. Style tortoiseshell glasses with a striped T-shirt and ripped denims

A classic striped T-shirt compliments every man in the summer. Since shorts do not go along with every attire; a pair of dark indigo ripped jeans can be worn which will offer you a polished look. Moreover, you’d still be comfortable wearing them! Men’s tortoise shell sunglasses with blue gradient lenses offer a fun pop against the blazing sunrays. The glasses also look modish as they unite the brow-line with the light metal frame. Cocoleni frames will give you a refined and fashionable look. White accessories are especially coveted this season in menswear. Simply pair them up with white sneakers for a day out.

3. Pair them with jeans and a Floral top

The chic and easy look of a pair of jeans and a floral top will make you stand out if you pair it with atypical tortoiseshell glasses. This is a style which can be worn by both men and women! Men can pair it up with a loose V-necked T-shirt while women can pair it up with floral crop-top and high waist jeans. The best thing about these glasses is that your complexion cannot limit you from wearing a pair. They can also be worn during any season!

4. A relaxed look with short-sleeve shirt, skinny cargos and tortoiseshell sunglasses

Another flattering look best suited for a day outdoors is a vertical-striped, relaxed-fit short-sleeve shirt. This will make your torso look longer than it does usually in a graphic T-shirt. Choose a pair of skinny cargos instead of your usual pair of jeans to flaunt your legs and add a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses. The Cocoleni glasses make it an impeccable look that is indeed timeless!

5. Choose a Bright Printed mini-dress ensemble for a spring look

Tortoise shell frames have been one of the most enduring eyewear trends for decades. It offers a myriad of shades which can highlight any outfit. Its warm brown and amber shades brighten darker skin tones and add a touch of light to the eyes. So, it’s important that you choose the right print and the right color of dress. Bear in mind the shade and print of your glasses when selecting an outfit that you are going to wear each day. You can also style your look with a sling bag and a pair of casual sandals or shoes to complete your summer look!

6. The Beach look with cool glasses for men

If you’re a man who is confused about what you should wear to the beach for a suave look, then look no further. Whether you hope to catch some waves or make it to happy hour; you must make sure you keep it simple. Keep your swimsuit as simple as a regular pair of summer shorts. Then add a tank top to sport along the beachside. A fun printed cotton T-shirt can be your go-to option for your time at the bar. But, when it comes to sunglasses, there’s only one way to go – the classic tortoiseshell sunglasses! All together, Cocoleni glasses manage to give you the idyllic and effortlessly chic look for a day at the beach

7. The 9-5 Summer Office ensemble

Shopping for work wear is not nearly as fun as shopping for your summer wardrobe. However, this is mainly because the only images that come to your mind when you think of summer are that of beaches and vacation vibes. However, work wear is mostly formal so it gives you the liberty to style it with elegant eye wear. Take your office wardrobe up a notch with a modish pair of tortoiseshell frames. Tortoise frames have been a fashion must-have in Paris, Milan and even New York. In fact, the trend has evolved from its original colors. Brands have introduced a whole new range in the shades and have included colors like red, blue, green, etc. You can choose what suits you the best and look your professional best even in the office!

Tortoiseshell frames make a comeback every year as they are one of the best neutral accessories one can wear during the summer or even spring! They never go out of style and have been the perfect eye wear to make a fashion statement. Even to this day, tortoise shell frames have retained the beauty and appeal of the authentic tortoise shells. If you’re currently looking for glasses or sunglasses and are hoping to flaunt a timeless and durable design; then you can drop by at our boutique stores in Goa, Pondicherry or Pune. Gift yourself and your friends a chic pair of COCOLENI frames right away!

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