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Have you ever seen a pair of glasses that grab your attention in a split second? 

The style, the colour, the shape - it is all you ever wanted. 

But when you go to put it on, it just feels wrong. They are either slipping off your face or sliding down your nose. Too small and tight or too big and frumpy.

But they looked so good, what went wrong?

It’s all in the fit. Most glasses are made in a sample size. This means they are made in a standard size that would most likely fit the majority of face shapes. 

And while it might fit, it might not fit right.

What are sample size glasses?

sample size glasses

Sample sized glasses are easily available and therefore quite common. But, they do not offer much in terms of personalization. You have to go with what is available and often opt for the closest fit to yours that you can find.

You might like the shape, but not the color. You might like the style, but they don’t fit. This can get quite overwhelming.

Going for the closest available sample size does not always cut it. It can be uncomfortable and cause visual discomfort. 

If the bridge size of the sample frame is too small, it will sit too high on the face. If it is too big, it will sit too low. This could spoil the overall look of the frame and could be bad for your eyes too.

What do you do when you can't find the right fit?

Cue custom eyeglassesMade to measure eyewear is engineered to fit you perfectly. The length of the spectacle arms, the nose bridge and every part of the frame is made according to your facial measurements. 

This guarantees a perfect fit and ultimate comfort. With custom made eyewear you do not have to compromise on the style or color. You can choose the frame you want and have it made in the color and material of your choice.

Custom glasses are also great for people with higher prescriptions who often find it difficult to purchase a frame.

Where to buy custom eyeglasses?

We’ve got you covered! At Coco Leni, we craft handmade frames for your exact measurements in any shape, color, or material you need. This extreme personalization is the core of our expertise. 

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Here's Why Our Custom Eyewear Is So Popular

Customized Eyewear

Choose your style

You can choose any frame and have it customized in any of the colors, or materials that we offer. 

Custom eyewear

Custom engraving

Have your initials, your loved one’s name, an important date, or a few words etched onto the arms of your glasses. 

Tailor Made Eyewear

Tailor made 

The frame is made according to your measurements. This ensures the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.    

Handmade Eyewear


Every frame is handcrafted by skilled artisans with precision and attention to detail

Eco-friendly Materials

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Made from natural and eco-friendly materials. All our frames are eco-friendly & sustainable

bespoke glasses

Made to last 

Every pair of bespoke glasses is crafted using traditional methods  and come with a ten year warranty.

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