Eyewear Trends for Men 2021 that you should watch out for!

Wondering what's hot & cool in the eyewear world this year?

We have got you covered!

COCO LENI presents to you the very best trends in eyewear for 2021, that are here to stay and stand the test of time. 

While some trending eyeglasses bring out the quirky side of you, the rest showcase a mix of sophistication and comfort. 

So hop on and let us take you through the latest and freshest eyewear frames for men

All these best-selling eyewear frames are usually available in prescription lenses, progressive lenses or even simply as your non-prescription fashion accessory. 

Men's eyewear trends


Stylish and cool, these kind of eye frames have a pinch of 1920's mixed with a bold and a contemporary edge. 

The vintage eye frames are something that have stood the test of time and is unanimously loved by people around the world.

Overall, these vintage eye frames are a must-have eyewear for all you leaders of the pack. 

Thick rimmed Acetate Aviator

It’s obvious that the history of aviator sunglasses doesn’t begin and end with Tom Cruise. 

If you look at the sunglasses throughout the movies in the 70s and 80s. It’s true when they say that the Classics never die. 

And the aviator eye frames are just one of those!

Men's eyewear trends


Minimalist style is all the rage at the moment. Simple and low-key accessories is what the Gen-Y seeks for when its comes to creating fashion forward looks. 

Furthermore, as a minimalist style is favored by many of the biggest designers, celebrities, and fashionistas of today, this will continue to be a popular eyewear trend in the years to come.

Minimalistic Frames are loved by so many as it is easy to pull off and is super perfect for different occasions. It is also a very chic choice for pairing with your Formal Wear.

Small circular glasses

Small circular glasses

Small circular shaped glasses are quickly gaining popularity. 

These glasses are unique and definitely make a bold statement. 

After gaining a recent popularity over the past few months, this eyewear trend is now sported by various popular celebrities.

tinted nebelhorn sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses

Tinted lenses are a great style move. Simple, elegant and sophisticated! And with Tinted Sunglasses you can add a nice pop of color to your face.

Come on, take cue from Game of Thrones star, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and follow his lead. 

half rim eye frames

Half rim eye frames 

Half rimmed eyeglass frames help you keep the spotlight on your face and not on your frames. 

It balances a subtle look with a touch of style and bold elegance. 

Men's eyewear trends


Make heads turn towards you in extra chunky and bolder eye frames that define your face structure.

From all-black geek chic frames to bold colour explosions, eyeglass frames are getting supersized. And if you think that thick rims are bygones, it’s time for you to rethink. 

Because we’re not just talking heavy rims here, we’re talking amplified and totally animated frame designs.

Big, bold rim styles like you’ve never seen them before.

black and bold eyewear

Bold thick rimmed glasses

Retro Nerd Oversized Frames with Thick Rims is an item that's currently trending. 

These eyeglass frames exude sophistication while still leaving enough room to be playful.

Black rimmed frames

Classic Black Bold Rimmed Frames 

For an understated yet polished look, go for a matte black finish. 

These kind of frames are super thick in design with heavy nose bridge and heavy temples, plus a deep set lens for that oversized nerdy hipster vibe.

transparent eye frames

Transparent Thick Rimmed Glasses

Transparent frames are going to be huge for spring and they are great options to get ahead of the game. 

These frames are equally appropriate for the autumn season, without revealing too much lush colour or blossom hues.

white buffalo horn frames

White buffalo horn frames

Whether you're a trend-setter or a bit more traditional, you'll find your perfect set of eyewear under this collection. 

White horn eyeglasses (or turtle glasses) are timeless and sophisticated frames, that come in unique colors and patterns.