Many a times people wearing eyeglasses are typically reserved for shy, “nerdy” types, or for girls who have not yet undergone their glam makeover. This negative reputation is totally undeserved, because glasses can be cute (and, dare we say hot) as hell. as all heck. In case you don’t believe us, take a look at these popular stars in spectacles and get all the fashion inspiration you need. These actors prove us right by making even the normal prescription glasses look like high fashion. Rest assured that your phobia towards wearing contact lenses will no longer be an image killer for you.

You have been WARNED! By the end of this list, you might even order a pair for yourself from global eyeglasses.

If this wasn’t enough to change your negative notion about eyeglasses or spectacles in general, then go ahead and read the next section to get inspired (and little empowered too!)

Actors Wearing Glasses to Oscars 2018

Rita Moreno at Oscars 2018 -global eyeglasses Rita Moreno flaunting her glasses at Oscars 2018 . Literally! 😛

People wear eyeglasses. It’s just a normal part of life, right? But seeing stars and celebrities in glasses at Red Carpet events? That’s a little less common. So when so many celebrities wore glasses at the recently concluded 2018 Oscars, people got just a wee bit excited. And can you really blame them? Check out these amazing actors rocking the geeky yet stylish eye frames at Oscars 2018.

Lupita Nyong'o at Oscars 2018 in glasses - Global Eyeglasses

Lupita Nyong’o at Oscars 2018 in glasses

Laura Dern in Glasses at Oscars 2018 -global eyeglasses

Actress Laura Dern wearing glasses at Oscars 2018

With so many girls feeling empowered looking at these lovely ladies wearing eyeglasses at Oscars 2018, Twitter just couldn’t keep cool. Here are some great twitter reactions brought to you by Global Eyeglasses.

Twitter Reactions on Celebrity wearing Glasses at Oscars 2018

Women who wear glasses were all about the Oscars moment.

One Twitter user wrote, “More Women Presenting Oscars in Glasses please”

While another user got pumped up with the glasses talk by everyone and wrote..

If you think that this trend of wearing glasses was started only this year, then you’re mistaken, my friend. Take a look at Kate Winslet & Patricia Arquette doing the magic in box frame glasses at Oscars 2016.

Patricia Arquette at Oscars 2016 wearing glasses

Patricia Arquette at Oscars 2016 wearing glasses

Actress Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon at Oscars 2016

After all this, do you still think you should ditch those pretty looking glasses of yours for some mean contact lenses? Yeah, we thought so! Well, we’ve got something in common. 😛

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