8 Latest Fashionable Eyewear Trends for Women  2021

They say looks are in the eyes of the beholder, but the right frame can definitely make heads turn and make you look so much more presentable. 

Apart from protecting your eyes from the harsh UV rays to making you look uber chic, the right frame will always get you a second glance. 

From the Karl Lagerfeld Square Frame to the Vintage Cat Eye, there’s a different frame for every look that you wish to achieve. 

From the runways to the street style of your favorite fashionistas, here are the latest trends in the world of eyewear for women that you need to know.

1. The Super-Slim Cat Eye Glasses

It’s time to bring the 60s style back with these sleek Super Slim Cat Eye glasses. Audrey Hepburn made this look famous when she wore them in her hit movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and they were all the rage.

Though there has been an evolution in the style of Cat Eye glasses, with their smaller lens and pointy edges, they’re a classic and something you can’t miss out on. 

Models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid and style icon Rihanna  have been seen sporting these sunnies all the time. 

Get a pair for yourself this season as this trend is not going to die anytime sooner.

2. The extended rectangle glasses

From the Red Carpet to daily wear, these glasses are perfect to bring out the stylish chic look you’re aiming for. Fashion is all about recycling old trends and this 90’s inspired frame is perfect. 

They’re minimalistic and yet striking enough to catch everyone’s attention. The smaller frame might not give your eyes enough sun protection but they’re definitely a style statement. 

Get yourself an all-black pair of these extended rectangular glasses and channel your inner model.

3. The shield glasses

Want some privacy and yet want to stand out? Be an enigma in these statement glasses that are super flattering and work perfectly through all seasons.

The large frame adds a futuristic touch along with a dash of mystery and you’ll often spot iconic Fashion Designers Victoria Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld wearing these kind of shield glasses in their day to day street smart looks. 

4. Half rim frames

Fed up of chunky frames? Don’t worry, half rim glasses are here to the rescue! Don these simplistic and yet classy half rim glasses and have all the attention straight on you. With their tinted lenses, add a pop of colour to your face to brighten up your day.

5. The Retro Sports Aviator Glasses

Originally created as glasses for Pilots, these frames have been in styles since Tom Cruise wore them in Top Gun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, these sunglasses will help you look sporty chic and they’ll even help you pull off the ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe.

6. The square frames

Go big or go home, Oversized Square Frame glasses never go out of fashion. They’re synonymous with the movie star look- ‘you can see me but you can’t touch me.’ 

These glasses are an investment as they go with almost every outfit. So get yourself a pair and instantly go from a plain Jane to a Kim K.

7. The Oval framed glasses

Bored of your regular square or circle glasses? Try out an oval frame. They’re simplistic and yet glamourous, a perfect pair for any look. Add a little vintage vibe to your style with a pair that has a retro keyhole bridge

8. The classic round glasses

These glasses are timeless and were made iconic through various generations by famous people and characters. Can you ‘Imagine’ the one and only John Lennon without these or our beloved wizard Harry Potter? Channel your inner peace this season by wearing these Gandhi style frames. 

These were some of the trendiest glasses in fashion right now. Get yourself a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses from Coco Leni and be the fashionista you were born to be!