10 Popular Celebrities Who Wore Glasses And Set New Fashion Trends 

Many a times people wearing eyeglasses are typically reserved for shy, “nerdy” types, or for girls who have not yet undergone their glam makeover.

This negative reputation is totally undeserved, because glasses can be cute (and, dare we say hot) as hell. as all heck.

In case you don’t believe us, take a look at these popular stars in spectacles and get all the fashion inspiration you need.

These actors prove us right by making even the normal prescription glasses look like high fashion. Rest assured that your phobia towards wearing contact lenses will no longer be an image killer for you.

You have been WARNED! By the end of this list, you might even order a pair for yourself.

Here are our TOP 10 celebrities who wore glasses and set new fashion trends!


The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer and songwriter, Demi Lovato takes the nerdy chic look a notch higher with this bold box frames in black. 

With her pulling off this look with glasses in such poise, we are sorry not sorry for wooting for her too.


Damn Homie, Can you just not! Look at the British Actress-Singer here, Rita Ora mixing old school glam with her usual urban look with these semi rimmed Cat-eyed prescription glasses. And the results are simply a match made in heaven.

The trendy eye frames styled with red lippy along with her platinum blonde hair gave a modern twist to her Marilyn Monroe inspired look.


The La La Land Actress, Emma Stone has also been sporting prescription glasses of late, looking equal parts scholar and chic with her rectangular specs.

Her rectangular shaped glasses are perfect to give the illusion of a longer looking face for those with round faces.


American actress & Style Queen, Emmy Rossum hasn’t been shy about showing her new collection of specs off wherever she goes.

We happened to stumble upon two of her looks in glasses and we just can’t stop going Ga-ga about it.


The Showstopper model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Karlie Kloss leaves no stone unturned when it comes to experimenting with spectacles.

We all know that she has been seen in many Eyewear commercials but what we didn’t know is that she’s sometimes seen wearing her own prescription glasses too.

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The Twilight Saga sweetheart, Kristen Stewart sported a pair of thick-framed round glasses that contrasts her more angular facial features.

These vintage-inspired frames with a glossy black acetate finish gave her an edgy yet classic look.

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Who knew Cara, out of all, wore glasses? We rarely see them on her, but we do love the look.

Whether she dons eyeglasses for fashion or for eyesight, the Catwalk Queen Cara Delevingne’s seal of approval on the spectacle front makes us really happy. Seen here is Cara flaunting a Full-rimmed Black acetate wayfarers that help her achieve the rock chic girl look.

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The cutesy Hermoine Granger’s real life counterpart, Emma Watson looks adorable as ever in her glasses. And here we thought that it was always only Harry Potter known for wearing specs.


Go as big and bold as you like, but remember to keep your brows visible, just like Anne Hathaway has in her supersized specs. She gets our vote for the most original glasses. These babies are hard to pull off and she does it so well.


Rachel, Oh Rachel! Let’s be honest. You could make Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston wear even the simplest of clothes and they would still somehow look good on her. So it’s no surprise that these glasses look absolutely flattering on her.

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Actors Wearing Glasses to the Oscars 2018

Check out these amazing actors rocking geeky yet stylish frames at the 2018 Oscar Awards!

People wear eyeglasses. It’s just a normal part of life, right? 

But seeing stars and celebrities in glasses at Red Carpet events? That’s a little less common.

So when so many celebrities wore glasses at the recently concluded 2018 Oscars, people got just a wee bit excited.

And can you really blame them? Check out these!

Rita Moreno Oscars

Rita Moreno flaunting her glasses at Oscars 2018 . Literally!

Lupita Nyong’o at Oscars 2018

Lupita Nyong’o at Oscars 2018 in glasses 

Laura Dern at Oscars 2018

Actress Laura Dern wearing glasses at Oscars 2018

What Twitter had to say!

With so many girls feeling empowered looking at these lovely ladies wearing eyeglasses at Oscars 2018, Twitter just couldn’t keep cool.

Here are some great twitter reactions!

Amy Brown Tweet
Erin Mallory Long Tweet

If you think that this trend of wearing glasses was started only this year, then you’re mistaken, my friend. 

Take a look at Kate Winslet & Patricia Arquette doing the magic in box frame glasses at Oscars 2016.

After all this, do you still think you should ditch those pretty looking glasses of yours for some mean contact lenses?

Yeah, we thought so! Well, we’ve got something in common. 

Patricia Arquette at Oscars 2016

Patricia Arquette at Oscars 2016 wearing glasses

Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon at Oscars 2016

Actress Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon at Oscars 2016