Buying prescription glasses online can save you some serious money, especially when it comes to prescription sunglasses. Eyewear stores and eye doctors charge extra fees for “fitting” the sunglasses, something that you can do yourself with a little research. When you are looking for the best place to buy prescription sunglasses online, the first thing you need to learn is the best way to buy them by learning how to fit yourself and what style fits your face.
best place to buy prescription sunglasses online

Know Your Face Shape and Frame Size

The shape of your face will make a difference in what types of sunglasses will look best on your face. Oversized sunglasses might swallow your face or smaller square frames can make your face look out of proportion. Go to a department store and try on many different sunglasses until you find the shape that fits your face the best. If you have glasses already, the frame size listed on your actual glasses will be similar to what you need for your prescription sunglasses. The most important thing to remember is your sunglasses’ frame will be slightly larger than eyeglasses.

Choose Your Lens Type

There are three prescription lens types to choose from when buying prescription sunglasses online.
  1. Tinted Lenses. Tinted lenses are essentially prescription sunglasses with the lenses tinted to deflect UV rays. These are the most affordable type of sunglasses available. You can have the lenses tinted to any shade you like to fit your personal style. Tinted lenses are not recommended for people who have a heavy prescription or who want reading sunglasses as the tint hurts the prescription strength.
  2. Polarized Lenses. Polarized lenses are highly recommended as the type of prescription sunglass you should invest in. Unlike tinted lenses, polarized lenses have both UVA and UBA protection and are tinted to 80%. They are known as HD sunglasses because they give off a crisp image. This is ideal for people who will be outside for long periods of time or for people who have undergone eye surgery.
  3. Transition Lenses. For those who want only one pair of glasses for everything, transition lenses are a perfect choice. Indoors, your lenses will be clear and act as glasses. Once you step outside, the lenses will transition into a tint and turn into sunglasses.

Have Your Prescription Ready

Before you can place an order online, you have to have a doctor’s prescription ready. The best place to buy prescription sunglasses online will be able to contact your doctor’s office to confirm a prescription with very little effort on your part.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online?

You want to find an online glasses and sunglasses store that provides lots of resources to ensure you buy the right prescription sunglasses the first time. If you find a store that does not guide you through the process of ordering and buying sunglasses, then you will end up with the wrong product and will not have any customer support. Always buy from helpful stores!