Healthy Eyesight

All of us take our eyes for granted, it’s a given. We are so accustomed to our eyes doing all the heavy lifting for us 24/7 that we seldom pause to think about what we need to do for their maintenance in return.

It doesn’t take much to make a few minor tweaks in your lifestyle to keep your eyes in good stead. 

We are here to remind you of the value of your eyes so you can take the necessary steps to do right by them from here on out.

After all, we all want our eyes to stay in the best condition that they can for as long as they possibly can. 

Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to reaping all the wonders of healthy eyesight.

1. Regular eye check ups

Regular eye check ups

You would need to be aware of your family’s general health history, diabetes history and disposition to high blood pressure. 

Certain factors like age also play a role in determining your eye health.

People over the age of 65 should test their eyes regularly for early detection and treatment of eye related issues that can crop up.

2. Risk of eye diseases

Risk of eye diseases

With certain ethnic races, disposition to eye diseases is more than others. African Americans over the age of 40 are more susceptible to eye problems. 

3. Changes in vision

Changes in vision

Did you know that your eyes are subjected to harmful ultraviolet rays on a daily basis, even on a cloudy day?

 That’s right. To keep your eyes refreshed through the day, opt for prescription sunglasses that cut out the harmful ultraviolet rays on your road to healthy stress-free eyes.

4. Protection from UV rays

Protective sunglasses help prevent you squinting under harsh lighting conditions. 

Squinting is a major cause of premature wrinkling and weathering of the delicate under-eye skin. 

Prescription sunglasses protect the fragile under-eye area and make sure you stay looking your best.

5. Regular exercise

Regular exercise

Exercise is the key to good health goes the adage. This is because regular exercise improves the circulation of oxygen as it gets blood pumping through the body. Exercise reduces age related macular degeneration by nearly 70%.

6. Say no to smoking

Smoking is bad for your body, no two ways about it. Smoking heightens the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts and a host of eye related problems. Stay away from this vice and your body will thank you for it, manifold.

7. Healthy diet

Healthy diet

A healthy diet should take precedence in this day and age. It is as important for our wellbeing as it is for our eyes. Antioxidants also reduce the risk of cataracts in the later years. 

The presence of fruits and vegetables supplement our diet with good eye vitamins and the required nutrients to keep your eyes healthy.


How to clean your eyeglasses the right way

  1. Wet glasses under running water
  2. With a drop of dishwashing liquid between your fingers, gently massage the soap onto your lenses and frames
  3. Once the eyeglasses have been soaped up, put them once again under running water and gently wash off all the soap suds
  4. Wipe eyeglasses with a 100% cotton cloth, as this will not smear or leave any lint behind
  5. Once completely dry, you can wipe the glasses once again with a clean microfiber cloth

What not to do when cleaning your glasses

  1. Do not use your shirt tail or any fabric that’s within reach to clean your glasses, especially when dry. This scratches the surface of the lens irreparably.
  2. Stay away from household glass cleaners and detergents. These harsh substances will damage the coatings on the lens.
  3. No, tissue, serviettes, toilet rolls and kitchen napkins are not meant to wipe your eyewear.
  4. If you do have a scratch or scratches on your lens, do not try to buff them away. This only serves to damage the eyeglasses further.