Tailor Made Eyewear

Made to measure eyewear is engineered to fit you perfectly. The length of the spectacle arms, the nose bridge and every part of the frame is made according to your facial measurements.

Eyewear Sizing and Options

Frames can be to exact size or oversized according, based on advice by our customers, keeping the fit.

Sustainable Material Options

Ethically sourced buffalo horn, acetate and also wood. You can customize the color of the arm and front. 

How do we do it?

The process

1) Select Shape

Based on your face shape

2) Choose Material & Color

Arms and front.

3) Place order and send photos for measurement

We guarantee perfect fit.

4) Receive actual printable pdf of the frame size

You may check by printing it in actual size, at home. 

5) Order Received & adjusted

Minor adjustment of arms might be needed, through any local optical store. As the arms attached with stronger - non spring hinges.