Front: Gold Titanium
Arm: Gold Titanium

+ More Colors

Lens Width: 45mm. Bridge: 24mm. Lens Height: 40mm. Total Width: 138mm.

Introducing "Svelt" — where geometric elegance meets minimalist design. Crafted from the highest quality titanium, the Svelt collection features dis...tinctive octagonal frames that blend contemporary style with a hint of classic sophistication. The titanium construction not only ensures durability and strength but also keeps the frames exceptionally lightweight, providing unparalleled comfort. The octagonal shape adds a unique, architectural dimension to the eyewear, making it a statement piece while maintaining an air of understated elegance. Crafted from the finest titanium, Flix is not only durable but also exceptionally lightweight, providing unparalleled comfort for all-day wear. The design includes a distinctive titanium nosepad, engineered for stability and ease, ensuring that the frames sit perfectly without pinching or slipping.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Rivetted Hinges

Unmatched Service

Enjoy a 10-year warranty and easy 14-day returns.

Sustainable Ethically Sourced

Sustainable Elegance

Exquisite designs crafted from the finest sustainable materials.

Sustainable Ethically Sourced

COCO LENI Accessories

Every frame includes blue protect lenses, a handcrafted case, suede cleaning cloth, and a legends certificate.

Standard proportions of Svelt:

Lens Width = 45mm. Bridge = 24mm. Lens Height = 40mm. Total Width = 138mm.

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