Our Approach


There are many virtual try-on systems like ditto and many online eyewear retailers with their own virtual try-on, but they fail to solve the most important and basic problem with online eyewear – fit and comfort. All faces are not equal so why would eyeglasses be. Also the home trial system offered by online retailers, where the customer receives upto 5 frames to try before he decides to buy, is unsustainable and has a very high carbon footprint.

Our solution

Made to measure sustainable eyewear with a 10 years warranty

Made to measure sustainable eyewear using our simple, effective virtual measurement system and German craftsmanship techniques. Eyewear made only when the customer orders using the finest sustainable materials like buffalo horn, wood and cellulose acetate. We take more than 20 different measurements virtually to create a ​perfectly fitting frame and are able to ship them directly to customers within 7 business days.

Just using sustainable material is not enough, our approach is holistic – We take pride in how we sell and make our eyewear. Every step has to be sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly. We make sure we give back more than we take from nature.

The Forest

Our genuine buffalo horn eyewear is created using only ethically sourced material. Derived from the Asian water buffalo, revered in its native India, the horn is collected only after the completion of the animal’s natural lifecycle. Any waste in the frame-making process are returned to the earth for use as fertilizer.

We believe that far too many companies neglect ​where ​and ​how their products are sourced, which can have a negative impact on the environment in addition to customer experience. We also think not enough companies put customer experience and social issues at the forefront of their organization’s agenda. This is precisely why we choose to be different.


Our Forest

Planting a tree for every bespoke eyewear we sell. Every new sapling planted is GPS labelled and photographed.