Front: Gold with Black Titanium
Arm: Gold Titanium

+ More Colors

Lens Width: 41mm. Bridge: 24mm. Lens Height: 41mm. Total Width: 140mm.

Introducing "Flix" — a masterpiece of design and functionality. This circular titanium eyewear captures the essence of both elegance and technologic...al innovation. Flix stands out with its intricately patterned edges, each detail meticulously etched onto the titanium rims to offer a unique aesthetic that catches the eye. Crafted from the finest titanium, Flix is not only durable but also exceptionally lightweight, providing unparalleled comfort for all-day wear. The design includes a distinctive titanium nosepad, engineered for stability and ease, ensuring that the frames sit perfectly without pinching or slipping.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Rivetted Hinges

Unmatched Service

Enjoy a 10-year warranty and easy 14-day returns.

Sustainable Ethically Sourced

Sustainable Elegance

Exquisite designs crafted from the finest sustainable materials.

Sustainable Ethically Sourced

COCO LENI Accessories

Every frame includes blue protect lenses, a handcrafted case, suede cleaning cloth, and a legends certificate.

Standard proportions of Flix:

Lens Width = 41mm. Bridge = 24mm. Lens Height = 41mm. Total Width = 140mm.

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