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Stocking some of the finest styles in women’s eyeglasses to suit all face shapes, here at COCOLENI.com we are proud to offer all our lady customers with styles including aviator, oval, cat-eye, rectangular, round and wayfarer. All our women’s eyeglasses come available with multiple lens options to choose from including bifocal, progressive, and single vision to suit all vision needs. This fall season sees a comeback in the 50s, 60s, and 70s looks with defined browlines and metallic fixtures. Animal print is also a favourite along with the tortoise shell print or the classic plain darker colors in oranges, reds and browns. Plastic frames with metal fixtures are a popular favourite this season while the wayfarers are bringing that sophisticated and classy look. No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find it here at COCOLENI.com, so why not look today!

At COCOLENI.com we are happy to bring to our lady customers a great range of comfortable and highly fashionable women’s glasses which can easily suit most face shapes. Here our women’s glasses give customers a choice in shape options to choose from including aviator, oval, cat-eye, rectangular, round and wayfarer which can easily compliment any attire.

The cat-eye shape suits heart faces and features a seductive sexiness which can be seen worn by Katy Perry. The aviator shape, worn by Victoria Beckham, gives off a relaxed, sophisticated, and classic look that can easily compliment oval faces and round faces, while the wayfarer and rectangular shape give that professional edge for those with triangle and round faces such as Beyoncé Knowles and Nicole Richie. Oval frames bring a sophistication and smartness to the heart face to give wearers that professional edge.

With the comeback of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s look, this fall season metallic fixtures and defined browlines are back along with darker colors and animal prints. The tortoise shell frame colors offer a stylish mix of reds and oranges that make that fall flare come alive. Many women are also opting for the deep browns, blacks, oranges, and dark reds which can help to compliment many personalities. All our women’s frames come in a variety of different colors including black, silver, yellow, transparent, brown, gray, red, blue, transparent grey, tortoise shell, gunmetal, gold, stripe patterns, white, leopard print, purple, copper, dark brown, pattern, bronze, marun, matte black, pink, beige, green and orange.

Here at COCOLENI.com we are also proud to bring to you a variety of lens options to choose from including bifocal, progressive, and single vision. Our bifocal lenses are designed to fit into frames that feature a larger depth on the front frame. Our progressive lenses are designed to fit into any sort of eyeglasses frames, while our single vision eyewear combines single vision lenses with any frame for added versatility and convenience for the wearer.

Our women’s eyeglasses range is manufactured with quality in mind. They meet and exceed the highest standards possible in eyewear making, and are manufactured from premium quality materials including titanium, metal, wood and plastic. All our frames feature long lasting hinges and provide customers with the ability to withstand against the daily wear and tear of everyday life without letting you down.

Wearing glasses from our range of lady’s eyewear can not only give you confidence, but also give your look a complimentary style like never before. Not only are they comfortable, but can make you feel sexy, chic, and stylish at all times. Here at COCOLENI.com we are proud to offer you a money back guarantee of up to 30 days on all frames so you can find the right frame and style that will suit your needs, so why not look today!