The 3 Things We Emphasize More Than Design

When it comes to eyewear, the benefits of having incredible design are clear and well-documented. From being memorable within the mind of the consumer to branding yourself as a professional company to providing a comfortable product your customers will love, design is paramount to the success or failure of any business involved in eyewear. Yet, while we take great pride in the effort we put into our design here at COCO LENI, we also want our customers to know that we put an emphasis on much more than simply design.

At COCO LENI, we go above and beyond by also putting an emphasis on the quality of our products, our customer experience and, most importantly, the causes we so adamantly support. We believe that far too many companies neglect ​where ​and ​how their products are sourced, which can have a negative impact on the environment in addition to customer experience. We also think not enough companies put customer experience and social issues at the forefront of their organization’s agenda. This is precisely why we choose to be different.

Here are the only things we focus on just as much as design.

2 Customer Experience

We are also driven on guaranteeing our customers have the best experience they possibly can while engaging with us, whether on our website, on social media or through our products. That’s exactly why we constructed interactive features like our virtual mirror and try-on option. We realize that products don’t always look the same in-person as they did in sales photos, so this feature enables customers to try on their glasses without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. This helps to minimize the risk of you not liking the way your glasses fit your face, match your outfit and more.

1 The Quality of Our Products

We, of course, want to craft eyewear that is trendy and stylish in terms of ​design​, but we also want to ensure our products are created with materials of only the highest quality. Every pair of glasses you receive from COCO LENI comes from natural materials imported all the way from Germany. Whether with our eco-friendly wood, ethically-sourced buffalo horn and bamboo, Italian acetate and more, we believe our customers deserve only the finest materials we can get our hands on.

By scouring the globe for products that are both environmentally friendly and high quality, we are able to provide a product we know our customers and our planet will be proud of.

3 The Causes We Support

Most importantly, we also put a great deal of energy and attention on the many causes, both environmental and social, that we support. For instance, one of the organizations we believe in and frequently donate to is ​New Eyes For The Needy​, a non-profit organization that collects used eyeglasses from patrons and provides them to people around the world who are in need. Vision is a privilege many people take for granted, blind to the fact that millions of individuals around the globe do not have a way to access 20/20 vision.

Additionally, we are dedicated to playing our part in keeping this beautiful planet we have clean and green. This is exactly why we work to organize and participate a number of beach clean up drives all around India with the launch of our very own COCO LENI CleanUp Club. By also encouraging and instructing others how to reduce wastes from plastics and composting by pointing them in the direction of sustainable products, we can help make the vision of company a reality. Finally, we also strive to educate individuals on the importance of eating organic foods, and go as far to instruct them on how to begin growing the food themselves.

With the COCO LENI CleanUp Club and more, our number one goal is to eliminate plastics altogether. To do this, we are searching for talented creators around the world who make replacements of all kinds for plastics in order to help minimize the need for plastic utensils, silverware and more. We also actively promote people to decrease their reliance on plastic bags, whether by running campaigns on social media or by spreading the message in public places. Lastly, to start the process within our own company, we have officially removed all plastics from our eyeglass frame collections. While this may increase the amount we spend on materials, doing what we can to help our environment is well-worth the cost.

Here at COCO LENI, our goal is to bring premium, German eyewear that uses high quality, natural materials at a price point everyone can afford. As we continue to concentrate on providing top-tier products, an enhanced customer experience and supporting the causes that we love, we know our customers will reap the benefits of all this work. By focusing on more than just design, we believe we can make a sizable, positive impact on the world we live in. We hope you will join us on our journey.