The ultimate guide to Buffalo Horn glasses

Natural horn is one of the oldest frame materials in the world. It has it own beautiful color and pattern, each piece unique, created as god intended.

Buffalo Horn EyeglassesEveryone appreciates wearing products made from natural materials and fibers, especially when it is worn so close to our skin.

Natural horn spectacles are now seen on the high street and yet their prices are reasonable.

Limited Edition Genuine Horn Frames

Even still, style does comes at a price. With respect to your horn frames, that price is the need for care and attention to keep them in tip-top condition. However, horn frames if cared for properly will last for years. They will also adapt to your face, are lightweight and totally stunning to wear.

Natural horn is acquired from dead beasts and is not poached off of live buffaloes. Taking horn from the dead buffalo helps us use every part of the body, keeping with nature’s way.


The advantages and disadvantages of natural horn frames:

Horn temple will bend and contour to the human face after 4 weeks of wearing because horn  absorbs heat from the face.

Genuine horn frames lower the blood pressure of the wearer because it doesn’t absorb heat from sunlight, unlike metal frames. This keeps the face from overheating and developing excess pressure.

You will need to apply care cream to the frames every 3 months.
You will have to avoid getting lens cleansers and moisture on the frame.

Natural horn frames are exceptionally comfortable to wear and an excellent choice for people with skin allergies.

The way the light is reflected and the warm enticing appearance of the horn are inimitable.

The unparalleled grain and hues speak for themselves, and the wearer can choose from a multitude of horn shades.
Color options range from grey and anthracite tones to shades of brown and even white horn. And what is more, horn can be coloured using natural dyes so that numerous shades can be incorporated.