Aviator Sunglasses

Dark and curved lenses with thin-wired frames and temples, aviator glasses still create a bold fashion statement. A style that suits almost all face types; these unisex glasses are still rocking on fashionable city streets and prime red-carpet events.

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The Aviator sunglasses, here at COCOLENI.com, are a popular choice for many people who are looking for a complimentary frame. Aviator sunglasses, best known for their iconic role in the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun, have comeback in style this fall season with many people choosing darker colors to compliment their face shape and attire.
This season animal prints such as leopard print and tortoise shell are a popular choice, along with browns, reds and blacks also making their mark on the fashion field. Here at COCOLENI.com we are proud to offer you a great range of colors including black, brown, gray, gold, silver, transparent, white, red, tortoise shell, leopard print and gunmetal.

All our aviator sunglasses are able to bring customers a variety of lens options to choose from including progressive, bifocal, and single vision. Bifocal lenses are designed to be used within frames that feature a larger front frame depth, while our single vision and progressive lenses are suitable for fitting any aviator frame for added versatility and convenience.

All our aviator sunglasses are made from high quality metal and plastic materials which promote high strength and resistant against any wear and tear in busy lifestyles. They are all made with long lasting hinges, and meet with the highest standards available when it comes to the manufacturing process. So if you are looking for a pair of fashionable aviator frames that can easily bring style to your look, why not take a look at our range of aviator sunglasses here today at COCOLENI.com.