Featuring natural Red on Crystal Clear bio-acetate front and 18 Karat Solid Gold on Black buffalo horn temples.

Introducing Sengol from our Chola Eyewear Collection, where historical elegance meets modern luxury in a unisex wayfarer design. This style is a tribu...te to the Chola dynasty's rich heritage, seamlessly blending ancient artistry with contemporary sophistication.

Each Sengol frame is handcrafted in India by talented women artisans, symbolizing not only exceptional craftsmanship but also a commitment to empowering women in the industry. The front of the frames offers a choice between two exquisite materials: eco-friendly Indian Bio-Acetate and ethically sourced buffalo horn, allowing for personal customization while maintaining sustainability.

The temples of Sengol are a remarkable feature, combining the natural beauty of black buffalo horn with the choice of either sterling silver or 18k solid gold. This mix of materials creates a striking contrast, enhanced by the intricate fish scale pattern that pays homage to the artistic legacy of the Chola period.

The temple ends are adorned with a coin detail, adding a subtle yet luxurious accent in either gold or silver, further emphasizing the collection's connection to historical opulence.

Sengol is is a tribute to the wise and just governance symbolized by the term 'Sengol' in Tamil, reflecting the ethos of good leadership and fairness. Its classic wayfarer shape, combined with customizable materials, makes it a distinctive and refined choice for those who value a blend of tradition and contemporary style in their eyewear.

  • Limited production batch of 40
  • Tailor made to size.
  • 100% Handcrafted
Sustainability Sustainability


We make sure we give back more than we take from nature.

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