At® it is our pleasure to put new lenses into your own existing frames. We will take every precaution possible to ensure your frames are maintained in the same condition that you sent them. If, in the rare instance that something should happen to your frame in the lens replacement process (e.g. frame scratches or breakage, loss during transit), we cannot be held responsible for the frame’s value. Due to the additional processing involved using a customer’s frame, we ask you allow up to 30 days (after we receive your frame) to process and ship.

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Why Choose us for relensing your glasses

We re-lens your glasses perfectly and conveniently. Order number and address can also be found in the order confirmation. We will return your glasses as an insured package. Lens replacement cannot be refunded. Replacement is the only option. This because the lens is not only made to your prescription but also to your frame shape. It is a fully customized job done by us. 50% of the original lens cost will be issued towards a replacement pair of lenses. The best part is that you get to choose between the top lens brands for your re lens process and customize it as per your rx prescription.

Branded lenses we offer for relensing glasses

Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. That’s why we offer you a wide range of branded and high quality lenses for your eyeglasses to promote better eye care and health. Get Top brand prescription lenses like Kodak, Varilux, Transitions and Crizal at COCO LENI at 50-70% lesser prices. All our lenses come with best Anti-Glare Coating. All these lenses are cut by robotic machines using German Technologies, thus leaving no room for human errors.

Whether you specific protection against glare, scratches, smudges or UV light, we have lens brands for every need.

Types of lens coating for re-lensing

Lens coatings are helpful when it comes to enhancing the durability, performance and appearance of your eyeglasses post re-lensing. All our lenses come with Lens Coatings like Anti-reflective and anti-glare coating eliminate the glare caused by light reflecting from your lenses. With reflections eliminated, these type of lenses provide better vision for night driving and more comfortable vision for reading and computer use. Our lenses are also scratch resistant thus making them resistant to accidental drops on the floor or the occasional cleaning with a paper towel. With more add-on options like mirror coating, tinted and photochromic lenses, you are sure to be spoilt with choice.

Re-lensing prescription sunglasses online

After a lot of use and with the daily wear and tear, the lenses of your prescription sunglasses may get scratched, damaged or even develop a crack. Lens replacements can cost a bomb or even cost you more than a new pair altogether, when you do it through an optometrist or a brick and mortar store, especially when it comes to prescription sunglasses. Here’s where we come in. Cocoleni’s relensing process is very economical and efficient. So whether your old lenses are damaged or you’re just looking to switch to a different tinted lens or a new prescription, CocoLeni can help you with the whole relensing procedure.

Re lens your glasses in 3 easy steps

Your Frames refurbished with Our Lenses in just 3 simple steps – Select & Order your Lenses, Instantly get postage label to send your frames and Get your glasses back within 30 Days with new lenses.Voila! You just got relensing done for your existing frames with a brand new rx lenses as per your recent prescription. All you have to do is send in your existing frames to the address provided along with your new prescription details. We will measure and cut the new prescription lens to your existing frame size and style that you have sent in. Once your order is ready, it undergoes a final quality analysis and is dispatched to the address provided by you.

Why opt for re-lensing your frame

If you really, really like the frames that you currently own and do not think a new pair would make you happy, then by all means opt for re lensing your frames. They’re you and they’re your favourite, so we work around what works for you. Some people just do not like change and are happy with the eyeglasses that they have already tried and tested for over years. If you are one of them, relensing is made for you. So go for a Re Lens service for your glasses and don’t bid a goodbye to your good ol’ peepers.

Are you happy with your existing eyeglasses but simply need the lenses changed for a new prescription or to fix a broken/scratched lens? Then Cocoleni’s Re-Lensing service is perfect for you.

Or… Do you only wear your eyeglasses if and when required so you’re not really interested in investing in another pair of eyeglasses? Re-lensing is at your service.