Re-Lensing your own frame

At® it is our pleasure to put new lenses into your own existing frames. We will take every precaution possible to ensure your frames are maintained in the same condition that you sent them. If, in the rare instance that something should happen to your frame in the lens replacement process (e.g. frame scratches or breakage, loss during transit), we cannot be held responsible for the frame’s value. Due to the additional processing involved using a customer’s frame, we ask you allow up to 30 days to process and ship (after we receive your frame).

Order Lens Replacement Now

Send your used eyeglasses to

95 West Main Street, Suite 5-165
Chester NJ 07930

We re-lens your glasses perfectly and conveniently. Order number and address can be found also in the order confirmation. We will return your glasses as an insured package.

Lens replacement cannot be refunded. Replacement is the only option. This because the lens is not only made to your prescription but also to your frame shape. It is a fully custom job. 50% of the original lens cost will be issued towards a replacement pair of lenses.


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Get exclusive offers and Deals