combination_threefourth Virtual mirror


    Starting from: $159.00
Front: Crystal gray Cellulose Acetate
Arm: Black Buffalo Horn

Suggested Face Pairing

The charm in simplicity is the melting point of a heart. These glasses with its oval shape and sleek frame provide an effortlessly casual look. Keep it fun with fanciful colors that speak to the passion within your soul or play it safe with a classic black. The choice is yours so don’t hold back!

  • Tailor made to size
  • Ethically sourced & sustainable.
  • Hancrafted leather case.
  • Best in class hinges.
  • Made to last a lifetime.
Lubeck Our Case


Keyhole Nosebridge

Keyhole Nosebridge

For creating longer nose appearance. Exposes more of the top of the nose.

Low nose bridge

Low nose bridge

Low Bridge Fit frames are crafted for those with low nose bridges (if the bridge of your nose sits level with or below the pupils), wide faces, and/or high cheekbones.

Bold Thick Frame

Bold Thick Frame

The larger and broader the features, the heavier (thicker) the frame should be.

Standard measurement:

The below sizes are meantioned to understand the ratio of a standard Lubeck frame.

The frame will be made according to your face measurements.

50 mm

Lens Width

20 mm


145 mm

Arm Length

35 mm

Lens Height

145 mm

Total Width

Made to Measure

Perfect Size Guaranteed

How we do it?

We need photos of your face with a card (reference object) to measure total width, bridge, frontal angles and 24 other measurements.

Sustainability Sustainability


We make sure we give back more than we take from nature.

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