Men’s vs Women’s Eyeglasses

Frame Size

One of the most common factors that differentiates men’s vs women’s frames is the frame size. Most optical shops and online eyeglasses stores like ours carry separate collection of men’s, women’s and kid’s frames. Most frames have identical qualities, and most frames can be termed as unisex i.e. they can be worn by both men and women as long as frame size is right.

However, in general terms men’s faces tend to be larger than women’s, and eyes and ears are even further apart. The nose could be larger which could imply a longer bridge and more such factors like this determine the correct size that will suit you. Most frames are made in different sizes so that they can be worn by people with different face shapes, weight etc. Make sure to select the right frame size prior to ordering your frame. You can read more about finding the correct frame size here.

Frame Shape

Shape is equally important as Frame size when it comes to finding the right frame. A large frame can cover a large person’s face adequately, while the same frame may be too big for a person with a smaller face. Therefore it is important to understand your face shape type to order the right frame that would suit your face.

Visit our Face Shape guide to find what kind of frame shape may work out best for you. For example: a person with an Oval face can pretty much wear frame of any shape, whereas a person whose face is Round should go with Square or Aviator frames. You can visit our Face Shape guide to learn more about what frame shapes may best suit your face type.

Frame Color

Color is a matter of personal choice more than anything else. If we go by the stereotypical gender roles, then most men would probably refrain from purchasing pink, baby blue or colors that are generally regarded as feminine. Women on the other hand could be more open with their choices when it comes to selecting a frame color. Typically, women purchase black, red, and dark blue frames. Most optical stores carry the similar frames in various colors so that the customer has more options to choose from.

Typically, color is not a big issue to anyone unless someone is very particular about getting a frame of a particular color. For example: someone may want to purchase a trendy white pair of sunglasses over black. Most frames are made in neutral colors such as black, silver that can be worn by both men and women. The real difference lies in the frame size.

As you can understand from this article, that the difference between men’s and women’s frames is generally more related to size and shape than the obvious differences in colors. What matters most is that frame should be a good fit, and be comfortable to the wearer.

The concept of differences between men’s and women’s frames applies to reading glasses and sunglasses as well. Ultimately frame selection is a matter of personal choice and great comfort than gender difference.

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