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Elegant range of classic styles that are exclusively available online. Crafted with attention to detail and a focus on quality, these glasses are designed to suit a wide range of face shapes and personal styles.

The collection includes a variety of timeless designs, from the pantos, to sleek aviators to understated cat-eye frames, all featuring clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic.

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Vintage Shapes


Pantos eyewear is a classic frame shape that has been popular for decades. It's a style that is characterized by its round shape, with a slightly flattened top and a straight browline. The pantos shape is often associated with vintage and retro styles, but it has also been updated and modernized for contemporary fashion.

The key feature of pantos eyewear is the round lenses, which create a soft and gentle look. The shape is often compared to a combination of oval and round, with a wider width than height. This creates a balanced and harmonious look that is flattering on many face shapes.

The flattened top of the pantos shape creates a distinctive silhouette that is both stylish and functional. It provides a wider field of vision than a completely round frame, while also adding visual interest and variety to the design. The straight browline creates a horizontal emphasis that draws attention to the eyes, making this style a great choice for those who want to highlight their eye area.

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The wraparound eyewear shape has a long and interesting history. It was first introduced in the 1960s as a response to the growing popularity of outdoor sports, particularly in the United States. The wraparound design was intended to provide better protection for the eyes from the wind, dust, and other debris that can be encountered during outdoor activities.

Over the years, the design has evolved to become more stylish and fashionable. Wraparound sunglasses are now available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and designs. They are a popular choice for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to protect their eyes from the sun while still looking fashionable.

One of the most famous celebrities to wear wraparound sunglasses is Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the 1991 movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," Schwarzenegger wore a pair of Oakley wraparound sunglasses that became instantly iconic. The sunglasses, which were designed specifically for the movie, featured a sleek black frame and a futuristic wraparound design.