Will 2017 be the year of more reincarnations or will it spring up some unexpected surprises of its own? Stay tuned though for more complex variations, multi-colored’s and exotic fabrications. We cannot wait to find out what’s in store but here are a few of our predictions anyway.

Oversized Eyeglasses

Our crystal ball says that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the oversized buggy trend since it appears that the big ’uns are indeed here to stay. Looking at its track record, oversized styling has worked its way through the years right from the 1970’s to date while still managing to stay relevant. In our times of “easy come-easy go”, that’s what we call a success story.

Rounded Lens Cat-eye Eyeglasses

This one’s a stunner, no two ways about it. The eternally stylish cat-eye retains its feminine touch but now comes with a more user-friendly rounded lens. Satisfying the fashion conscious as well as the traditionalists, the cat-eye is impressionable at first sight. Whether you love this one or not, the cat-eye looks poised to stay.

Ombre frames and lenses

Ombre styling is more of the quiet personality but never one to be ignored. Ombre always manages to stay in the fray and the myriad frames and lenses are testament to that fact. Ombre resonates with those who like making a statement as well as those who prefer to stay subtle, making it the perfect combination in these our times.

Tortoise-shell Finish

It would seem that tortoise-shell took a vow with the turn of the century. It took on a super lacquered avatar, experimented with pops of untortoise-shell color’s and even sported metallic hued finishes in its quest for youthful appeal. Tortoise-shell nouveau has done a lot more though – it has upped the wow factor leaving design houses and you and I alike, wanting and waiting for more.