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Choosing the right eyeglasses based on your face shape

What if I’m not sure about my face cut?

Every single type of face out there has a partnering pair of eyeglasses that complement it to a T. Our handy guide promises to assist you in zoning in on the right pair of eyeglasses for your specific shape minus the sweat.

Not sure what your designated face cut is? No worries. Simply stand in front of your bathroom mirror and trace out the contours of your face with a chalk or marker. Voila! What you’re left with is your face shape!

When it comes down to choosing the eyeglasses that suit you, a few handy tips go a long way towards elevating your look and making it one to be remembered by. With no dearth of options online, eyewear if chosen right can highlight your most striking facial assets while downplaying weaker characteristics too.

Square Faces

Eyeglasses for Square Faces

If Your Face Has These Qualities:

  • It is proportionate in length and width
  • You have a strong jaw line, broad forehead and a square chin

Then These Types of Frames Would Look Great on You:

  • Glasses with center-set or high temples
  • Oval and round frames will soften the angles of your face
  • Frames with more width than depth will give your face a longer appearance
  • Butterfly shaped glasses

Stay Away From:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Square frames as they highlight your facial angles
  • Low-set temples
  • Frames with color emphasis on the bottom rim as they will accentuate your chin

Famous Square Faces: Emma Bunton, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt

Diamond Faces

Eyeglasses for Diamond Faces

If Your Face Has These Qualities:

  • A small forehead and chin
  • Angular features with dramatic cheekbones
  • A slightly fleshy or wide jaw line but it is narrower than your cheeks

Then These Types of Frames Would Look Great on You:

  • Frames with soft curves such as round, oval, and rounded rectangle
  • Rimless styles will accentuates your cheek bones
  • Upswept styles (like cat eye)

Stay Away From:

  • Narrow frames that will accentuate your narrow eye line

Famous Diamond Faces: Elizabeth Hurley, Ashley Greene, Meg Ryan and Madonna

Oval Faces

Eyeglasses for Oval Faces

If Your Face Has These Qualities:

  • Balanced facial proportions
  • High cheekbones and forehead, with a slightly narrower chin

Then These Types of Frames Would Look Great on You:

  • Congratulations as you can wear most any type of frame!
  • Geometric shapes will give you angular touch to soft curves
  • Square, rectangular and aviators are good choices too

Stay Away From:

  • Very large frames

Famous Oval Faces: Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce Knowles and Adrian Brodie

Heart Faces

Eyeglasses for Heart Faces

If Your Face Has These Qualities:

  • A broad forehead and your hairline is wider than your lower face
  • A dip on your hairline
  • A Wide cheekbones and an angular jaw line
  • A pointy and prominent chin

Then These Types of Frames Would Look Great on You:

  • Angular and square frames that wrap around your cheekbones
  • Bottom-heavy or low-set temple frames that accentuate your lower face

Stay Away From:

  • Top-heavy styles that will accentuate your forehead
  • Decorative temples that draw attention to your broad upper face
  • Styles which are wider at the top

Famous Heart Faces: 

Scarlett Johansson, Halle Barry, David Spade and Dido

Triangle Faces

Eyeglasses for Triangle Faces

If Your Face Has These Qualities:

  • If Your Face Has These Qualities:
  • A narrow forehead and eye line
  • A dip on your hairline
  • A Wide cheekbones and an angular jaw line
  • A wide or full jaw line
  • Your facial structure narrows at your cheekbones and temples

Then These Types of Frames Would Look Great on You:

  • Cat eye and oval glasses will accentuate your upper face
  • Semi-rimless and top-heavy frames
  • Wider frames will create the appearance of a wider hairline

Stay Away From:

  • Low-set temples that widen your jaw
  • Narrow, out of proportion frames

Famous Triangle Faces: Ali Larter, Kathy Ireland, Kate Moss, and Renee Zellweger

Round Face

Eyeglasses for Round Face

If Your Face Has These Qualities:

  • Full cheeks with gradual curving lines rather than hard angles
  • Equal proportions in regard to width and length
Then These Types of Frames Would Look Great on You:

  • Geometric frames will accentuate your face shape
  • Rectangular and horizontal styles will lengthen your face
  • Upswept frames and frames with high temples will draw attention to the top of your face
  • Frames with color or decoration on the temples

Stay Away From:

  • Round frames that make your face look rounder
  • Small, out of proportion frames
  • Very large frames

Famous Round Faces: Vanessa Willams, Jason Alexander, Kirsten Dunst, and Catherine Zeta -Jones

Oblong faces

If Your Face Has These Qualities:

  • A narrow shape which is similar to oval but has more length
  • High cheekbones, long nose and chin, and a tall forehead
Then These Types of Frames Would Look Great on You:

  • Square, oval and round frames will add width to your face
  • Frames with short horizontal and long vertical lines (like aviators)
  • Tall frames will give your face a shorter look
  • Broad glasses with an accented top rim or decorative temple will add width
  • Wide rectangular or even triangular lenses add width too
  • Frames with embellished arms

Stay Away From:

  • Small, out of proportion frames
  • Short frames that accentuate your face length

Eyeglasses for Oblong Faces

Famous Oblong Faces: Jessica Alba, Sara Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and Denzel Washington

Face Shapes And Their Supporting Eyewear

A quick checklist

Ascertain the shape of your face with our trusty guide The most common classifications are oval, round, angular: square or diamond, long: narrow or oblong.

The key is to use your eyewear so as to balance out your facial structure:

1. Round faces should ideally opt for narrow and wider rectangular eyewear

2. Square or angular faces must consider rounded eyewear that adds a bit of depth too

3. Narrow or oblong faces can go in for angular, broader and wider eyeglasses

4. Oval faces being symmetrical can carry off any style as this structure is already well balanced

Face shapes and their un-supporting eyewear

Now that you know what’s good for you let’s move on to the types of eyewear that are an absolute no-no for every facial structure.

Round Face Shapes

Round faces need to stay far away from round lenses as they emphasize rounded features unflatteringly. Overtly thick frames should also be avoided in the best interest of those with rounded faces.

Oval Face Shapes

Yes, the lucky ones indeed. You can make nearly all the styles out there work for you but we would caution against going in for extremely narrow, rectangular frames. They just might make your face appear longer than necessary.

Square Face Shapes

Small frames tend to disappear into the sharp square features and unnecessarily emphasize these distinctive angular features as well. Angular frames that are too wide must be given a miss as well.

Heart Face Shapes

Bold designs should ideally be avoided by heart shaped faces. Striking colors and asymmetrical eyewear designs are not pleasing to heart shaped features.

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