When it comes down to choosing the eyeglasses that suit you, a few handy tips go a long way towards elevating your look and making it one to be remembered by. With no dearth of options online, eyewear if chosen right can highlight your most striking facial assets while downplaying weaker characteristics too.

Now that you know what’s good for you let’s move on to the types of eyewear that are an absolute no-no for every facial structure.

Face shapes and their un-supporting eyewear

  1. Round Face Shapes

Round faces need to stay far away from round lenses as they emphasize rounded features unflatteringly. Overtly thick frames should also be avoided in the best interest of those with rounded faces.

  1. Oval Face Shapes

Yes, the lucky ones indeed. You can make nearly all the styles out there work for you but we would caution against going in for extremely narrow, rectangular frames. They just might make your face appear longer than necessary.

  1. Square Face Shapes

Small frames tend to disappear into the sharp square features and unnecessarily emphasize these distinctive angular features as well. Angular frames that are too wide must be given a miss as well.

  1. Heart Face Shapes

Bold designs should ideally be avoided by heart shaped faces. Striking colours and asymmetrical eyewear designs are not pleasing to heart shaped features.

Every single type of face out there has a partnering pair of eyeglasses that complement it to a T. Our handy guide promises to assist you in zoning in on the right pair of eyeglasses for your specific shape minus the sweat.

What if I’m not sure about my face cut?

Not sure what your designated face cut is? No worries. Simply stand in front of your bathroom mirror and trace out the contours of your face with a chalk or marker. Voila! What you’re left with is your face shape!

Face shapes and their supporting eyewear

Quick Checklist:

  1. Ascertain the shape of your face with our trusty guide
    The most common classifications are oval, round, angular: square or diamond, long: narrow or oblong.

  1. The key is to use your eyewear so as to balance out your facial structure

    • Round faces should ideally opt for narrow and wider rectangular eyewear
    • Square or angular faces must consider rounded eyewear that adds a bit of depth too
    • Narrow or oblong faces can go in for angular, broader and wider eyeglasses
    • Oval faces being symmetrical can carry off any style as this structure is already well balanced