Nasal Angles

Most important part of properly fitting eyewear

Frontal Angle:

If a frame has a frontal angle which does not run parallel with the sides of the frontal triangle of the nose, either the inner bottom rims of the frame front, or the top of the bridge crest will rest on the nose rather than the pads which should support the frame and provide maximum comfort.

Matching the angle becomes particularly important if the bridge is fixed and un-adjustable.


Frontal Angle

Frontal Angle
The angle with which each side of the nose deviates from the vertical is called the frontal angle.
Splay Angle

Splay angle
Splay angle of the nose is the angle formed by the side of the nose as viewed from bottom or top.

It should be remembered that the pads will lie on the side of the nose only if the width of the bridge (or DBL) is proper, even after the angle has been matched.

Wider Frontal Angle for Eyewear

Frontal Angle of frame too flared
The frontal angle of the frame is too flared and all weight falls on the bridge top.
Splay Angle

Frontal Angle of frame too vertical
The frame frontal angle is too vertical for the nose in picture. Hence the frame rests on the bottom rims.

The Crest Angle

Crest Angle

Crest Angle

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