Front: White Bio-Acetate
Arm: White Buffalo Horn

Lens Width: 47mm. Bridge: 27mm. Lens Height: 43mm. Total Width: 142mm.

Dharma 15803. Tailor made to size. Made with hands by COCO LENI.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Rivetted Hinges

Unmatched Service

Enjoy a 10-year warranty and easy 14-day returns.

Sustainable Ethically Sourced

Sustainable Elegance

Exquisite designs crafted from the finest sustainable materials.

Handcrafted by women artisnans

Empowering Women, One Handmade Frame at a Time

Every frame is a testament to the skill and artistry of women artisans, empowering them with financial independence and mobility.

Standard proportions of Dharma:

Lens Width = 47mm. Bridge = 27mm. Lens Height = 43mm. Total Width = 142mm.

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