Featuring natural Red bio-acetate front and Light brown buffalo horn temples.

+ More Colors

**Corbusier: Bold Round from the Timeless Legends Collection** Introducing Corbusier, inspired by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. This bold round frame blends modernist aesthetics with COCO LENI’s bespoke craftsmanship. Tailored for a perfect fit and lasting comfort, each pair is crafted from premium materials to ensure durability. Experience timeless elegance with Corbusier by COCO LENI.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Rivetted Hinges

Unmatched Service

Enjoy a 10-year warranty and easy 14-day returns.

Robust Rivetted Hinges

Durable hinges for long-lasting wear.

Sustainable Ethically Sourced

Sustainable Elegance

Exquisite designs crafted from the finest sustainable materials.

Handcrafted by women artisnans

Empowering Women, One Handmade Frame at a Time

Every frame is a testament to the skill and artistry of women artisans, empowering them with financial independence and mobility.

Made to Measure

Virtual Measurement

In order to provide you with a custom fit for your eyewear, we will request for a clear, well-lit photo of your face with a ruler wearing your most comfortable frame.

Tailor Made to size

Using 36 virtual measurements after converting these images to 3d via AI, each frame is tailor-made for an impeccably comfortable fit, specifically contoured for your nose bridge.

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