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KODAK® Eyeglass Lenses

Kodak Precise is our premium enhanced progressive lens with a wide near zone for natural eye movement, a smooth transitional zone and clear distance zone. Kodak Precise Lenses offer clear natural vision at all distances, scientifically developed using a revolutionary new mathematical process called Vision First Design.

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Varilux® Physio® Progressive Lenses

Transition from near to far and every distance in between smoothly and effortlessly. Varilux® Physio® features all the benefits of Varilux Comfort®, and uses the prescriptions from both your eyes so your lenses are calculated as a pair, letting your eyes work better together.

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DRIVEWEAR® Transitions® Lenses

Improve on road vision with DRIVEWEAR Transitions Lenses which uses polarization in to improve vision while driving.

NuPolar® polarization removes glare off the road and car hood. Transitions® photochromic technology adjusts the color and tint of the lenses as light conditions change, providing ideal color and clarity for driving

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ESSILOR CRIZAL Prevencia® Lenses

Industry-leading and patented technologies ensure that Crizal lenses meet your standards and help provide you with superior protection against glare, scratches, smudges, and UV light for the clearest vision possible.

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