For all those of us seeing the world through our dear little glasses, we know the struggle of dealing with horrid scratches getting in the way of a perfect vision. And if that wasn’t enough, lenses happen to be super expensive. Adding to that is the cost of the frame, all of which leads to quite an investment. This obviously doesn’t leave room for us to discard the glasses everytime it gets scratches. But that’s where we come in to your rescue!

5 easy ways to fix scratched lenses in  glasses:

1. Use Baking Soda for Cleaning Lenses

When it comes to home remedies, baking soda stands out as one of the most commonly used products. It is no surprise that we find it useful even when it comes to fixing your ruined glasses or scratched lenses. In order to get rid of the scratches on your glasses, make a thick paste from baking soda and water. After having done so, apply the paste with a soft cotton or woolen cloth and rub the lenses gently, in circular motion. If the scratches happen to be stubborn ones, you might have to repeat the process more than once. Rest assured, you will achieve amicable results!

2. Gentle rubbing with White Vinegar

Besides its use as an ingredient used while cooking, vinegar is also known to be of great use when it comes to household cleaning. It can also be used to clean your glasses so you can go back to seeing clearly! All you have to do is mix some baking soda (again, great use) with some vinegar, followed by a short wait for the foam formed by the mixture to subside. Once that happens, you can proceed to you a soft cloth and gently rub the lenses in circular motion to do away with thewretched scratches on your glasses.

3. Acetone-Free Brass Polish

Before you go ahead with this, check for the ingredients that go into making the polish. If it contains acetone then that means code red! Acetone will have an effect opposite to the one you want. However if the polish doesn’t contain acetone,then here’s what you gotta do. Apply it with a cotton cloth and allow it to buff for a couple of minutes. Use a clean cloth to remove any excess polish that might still remain on the glasses. Rinsing wouldn’t be necessary in this case.

4. Apply Non-Gel Toothpaste

Toothpaste contains microscopic abrasive particles that can polish and grind down the exterior layers, which is exactly why it is used in the case of clearing the scratches off your glasses. Using a soft piece of fabric to rub the toothpaste on the lenses in a side to side motion, and not a circular motion. This is done because the abrasives in toothpaste are very harsh and concentrating on a single area for too long could penetrate the exterior layers and damage the interior lens. After washing it off with warm water, complete the procedure with a cleaning with a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining smudge marks from fingers or traces of residue from the toothpaste.

5. Car cleaning wax (Last Resort)

Although used to polish automobiles, cleaning wax is a commercial products that work well for removing scratches from eye glasses. Apply half a tablespoon of car wax to a soft cloth and give the lenses a gentle scrub using circular motions, until the scratches are removed. Because wax easily adheres to fabric, you may have to use several cloths. Buff out the remaining wax using a clean and dry portion of the cloth. Use this method as a last resort as the ways listed above are much better in terms of giving quicker results.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s move on to how you avoid getting those scratches in the first place.

5 simple home tricks to keep your glasses clean

Step #1 : Rinse your glasses with cold water

Rinsing is the first and foremost step of cleansing. This applies to both your hands and your glasses. Wash your hands before touching those lenses to ensure that they’re free of grime, grease and dirt. Next, rinse your glasses to get rid of any of the dust particles that maybe on it to avoid scratches while wiping it. Just beware not to use hot water as it can destroy the lens coating.

Step #2 : Clean with lotion free Liquid soap

Before using any liquid soap, make sure that they’re free of lotion or any other moisturising agents as those are more concentrated and can spoil your lenses. Once you find the right cleaning agent, add a little to your fingertip and gently rub your lenses in a circular motion along with the frame. There are a lot of Spectacle lens cleansing solutions that are readily available in the market, that are the safest options among the rest.

Step #3 : Dry them out completely

Air drying your lenses is the best but if you can’t find a place to keep your glasses or if you need to use them immediately, wipe them down with a smooth lint-free cloth. Don’t use paper towels, tissues, napkins or even the ends of your shirt to dry your lenses as they a textured surface which can easily scratch your lenses. Use a microfiber cloth and dry your lenses first in a circular motion and then move on to the rest.

Step #4 : Take Extra Care while Storing the Glasses

When you aren’t wearing your glasses, make sure that you store it somewhere safely so that the frame doesn’t bend or get scratched. You can store them in a protective hard storage case or if you don’t want to carry the huge case around you can buy a microfiber pouch to keep it in. Just make sure that you don’t keep your glasses on a table with the lens facing downward as it can get scratched. All your Cocoleni glasses come in a microfiber casing already. So make sure to keep them safe and use it regularly to store when you don’t wear your glasses.

Step #5 : Repeat the Process

The last step is simply repeating all of the above. If you want to maintain your glasses and prolong its use in pristine condition, follow all of the previous steps. The only reason you’re wearing glasses is so that you can have perfect and clear vision, so make sure that you clean them on a regular basis.

So, there you go folks! With this ultimate guide for cleaning your pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses, you can extend the life of your lenses and frames. And for those, who have really bad scratches on your lenses that just can’t be fixed with minor steps like these, we have got you covered too! Try the Lens Replacement Service by Coco Leni today and get your scratched lenses replaced with brand new ones in a jiffy, from right where you are.