If you are in need of a new pair of eyeglasses, you are in luck because there is a wide selection of stylish eyeglasses available on the market this year. Today, eyeglasses are not just used to help you see well, but they are also used to help you make a fashion statement. This makes it very important that you select the right pair of eyeglasses for you and a pair that will help you look stylish, while keeping up with the latest trends. Below is a look at the top seven best eyeglasses that will help you stay fashionable this year.


1. Gypsy Glasses


Believe it or not, the cat-eye style of yesteryear has entered the fashion industry again and has become very popular. These Gypsy eyeglasses are similar to the glasses worn by Lady Gaga and will certainly help you make a statement. These glasses are two-tone with black and white, along with touches of blue and yellow to make them really stand out.


2. Cosby


These eyeglasses come with a Wayfarer-shaped lens, which is also extremely popular in this year’s fashion industry. These black eyeglasses with a white upper band and arms will help you appear relaxed and provides a great casual look, but can still be great to wear to the office. The Cosby eyeglasses are perfect for both men and women and is a perfect option for anyone.


3. Oliver Round

Oliver Round

Perfectly round glasses have been a popular options for the last few years, and they have a great way of brightening the color of your eyes. This style of glasses were originally made famous by the renowned Mahatma Gandhi, but have been modernized to match today’s fashion. This style is best for those with triangular or round faces, but can be worn by anyone.


4. Eylam


The Eylam eyeglasses combine the perfect warm blue color frame with all-natural wood arms to provide an earthy tone of eyeglasses. Earth tones have become very stylish in recent years, and help to provide a professional, yet casual look that is perfect for a night out with your friends or a day at the office.


5. Venus Glitter

Venus Glitter

A little bit of bling is not just for your jewelry anymore, you can have an elegant, yet eye-catching look with the Venus Glitter eyeglasses. These rectangular eyeglasses with a metal frame provide just the right amount of glitter where the arm of the frame begins. You can purchase these glasses in burgundy, sliver, or purple.


6. Carlos Black

Carlos Black

You do not need to look any further than your TV to know that the chunky black eyeglasses are back in style. The Carlos Black eyeglasses are perfect for anyone who wants the chunky black look without going over the top. These glasses come with a Wayfarer shape lens, and a plastic frame.


7. Saul


This year’s top fashion colors are leaning towards green, turquoise, and teals. These green Saul glasses will help you stay in fashion all year long, and will match perfectly with anything you are wearing. These eyeglasses come with the fashionable Wayfarer shaped lens and have an all-plastic frame. They are perfect for both men and women.

Any of the eyeglasses listed above will help you stay in fashion this year and look great every time you put them on. The most important thing to remember when choosing the right pair of eyeglasses is to make sure the shape, design, and color is something that you will like, and flatters your face. You want to make sure you look through all the available eyeglasses before making your final selection.