It’s true what they say; Clothes maketh the man. But eyeglasses can do that too if you know to pair them right as per your personality. Some crip men’s glasses and eye frames can add the much-needed definition to that jawline of yours and make girls swoon over you. Don’t think we’re exaggerating about the last part. It’s not just us. Here’s what buzzfeed has got to say about what women think about men wearing glasses.


Men wearing glasses are hot

Credits: BuzzFeed

As soon as temperatures start to soar upwards, you can look forward to some very new summer/spring trends popping up in the fashion world. The world of eyeglasses is no exception when it comes to this.

That feeling of seaside happiness and summery vibes can be found in men’s glasses with blue frames or lenses. In spring and summer, you can be sporty by combining casual and streetwear with trendy double-bridged glasses or thin metal frames. If you’re looking for a more natural and effortless look, go for transparent eye frames as they add a charm to your existing outfit.  And if you’re a man who likes to mix contemporary fashion with a hint of retro, then go grab a pair round or oval men’s glasses, which blends the best of past and present.

Enough of us going ga-ga about the men’s eyewear trends. If you’re looking for more than just the tips for inspiration, why not look up to those who wear it the best.

Here are 7 famous male celebrities who have been slaying with their trendy prescription glasses and making us all go weak in the knees.


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