Is your eyewear in tune with Pantone, today? If not, we’ve compiled some interesting tidbits about Pantone to help you along your journey to clearer vision. Did you know that Pantone even has its own version of the secret service? And what does all this have to do with your frames? Stay tuned because you’re about to find out my dear friend, you’re about to find out.

For those of you who didn’t know already, Pantone is a color reproduction system recognized the world over – A leading authority for accurate communication of color. The good people over at Pantone believe that color has always been an inherent part of just how any dynamic culture expresses its attitudes and emotions. A sign of the times, if you will. In keeping with this big bang theory, Pantone pompously rolls out an exuberant new offering of the year, every year. If peacock blue wasn’t already on the map, suddenly it’s going bezerk on the Parisian catwalks, donning your neighbour’s picket fence and among lip shades to die for.

Color picking is serious business though. In fact, about twice a year, hushed meetings are held in an under-wraps European capital with representatives from a host of nations. These representatives from various color standards groups deliberate for two days, over presentations and debates, coffee and croissants. It’s a tough life. Finally, the esteemed deliberators emerge from their colorful caucus with their prized pony that’s going to be sashayed down every street corner and in your vanity box soon enough. Now do you see why if Pantone says it, you just gotta have it?


Summer Chill Collection Colorful Leisure Fresh Concept


Circa 2016, introducing ‘Rose Quartz meets Serenity’, a tribute to blurred lines but at the same time, a call for the soothing and pristine. Calling out to the calming blues and understanding pinks within us all – Pantone’s Colour of 2016 is an evolution in itself. Two subtle shades each with distinct characteristics make the first ever dual entrance at the Pantone stable.

And speaking of evolution, if you’re in the market for some frolicsome frames, what better way to get your voice heard than to let your eyes do all the talking? Global Eyeglasses has an exciting range of Pantone inspired pairings, on offer with free shipping and easy returns. Our favourite Pantone picks would have to be the perfectly poised ‘Valencia’ and effortlessly enduring ‘Fernley’, but there’s loads more to choose from, so without further ado, grab yours today.

From infrastructure to entertainment, Pantone’s popularity speaks for itself. Much like a good pair of eyeglasses does to your look or mood. Did you know that Pantone’s penchant for color, drives many consumer-oriented companies in planning future product releases and targeted planning through the year? While we don’t believe in following mindless trends like zombies, what we do advocate, is in keeping with the times. And eyewear in Pantone is the season’s instant pick-me-up. And who doesn’t need that?

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With over 500+ styles in store and counting, Global Eyeglasses launches exciting new colors and styles regularly. Stay tuned for the latest offerings in eyewear, all season through. Now that you know what Pantone and your peepers have in common, or have to say about you; go on and find yourself that perfect pair. Purely for your Pantone pleasure.