The eyeglasses you choose to wear are an important part of your identity and style. Whether you want to appear sophisticated, youthful, or fun-loving, you can always opt for something different to get the look you desire. However, it is important the eyeglasses you choose suit your lifestyle and personality. So, here are a few different lifestyles and the glasses which will suit your personality best:

Eyeglasses for Businessmen

business1For businessmen, appearance matters a lot as it plays an important role in instilling trust and confidence in their colleagues and clients. So, the best option is to opt for glasses with a classic shape, such as ovals, almonds, or rectangles, with tradition colors like silver, gold, black, or brown. Black, silver, and burgundy are good selections for women, whereas, gunmetal, brown and espresso are recommended for men.



Eyeglasses for Students

studentsCollege is the time where you get the opportunity to develop your own identity and show off your style. Rockaway reading glasses for both women and men are recommended. Bright colors and larger frames are the best option for students as it brings light to their personality. Some may feel interested in a geeky or retro look as well, so the best option is to go for modern square frames with different colors.



Eyeglasses That Showcase Your Fashion Savvy and Creativity

fashionThe best way to show your creative and fashionable style is to go for modern shape eyeglasses which have geometric designs and thick plastic frames. For a shinier appearance, you can opt for metal frames. For men, large glasses with dark colors are recommended. And for women, multi-colored laminates are a good option.




Eyeglasses for the Modern Senior or Baby Boomer

seniorSince, everyone wants to look young and modern these days, the best option is to go for frame shapes that uplift the face, such as soft cat-eye shapes for women and upswept rectangles for men. Certain colors make you look younger. Darker colors, such as burgundy, deep browns, and gunmetal are perfect for men, and shinier and lighter hues are recommended for women. Also, choose eyeglasses that suit your complexion and hair color.



Eyeglasses for Busy Moms and Dads

parentsBusy parents never get the time to worry about the latest trends in eyewear. However, a basic yet stylish pair of glasses should work best for them. Since, moms and dads usually opt for shapes that are functional, ovals and upswept rectangles are the best options. But, it is important that the color you choose matches your hair color and brings light to your face.