The Glasses Vs Contacts dilemma seems to have been around for quite some time now. After all there’s only three choices. Either glasses, contacts or perhaps even an eye lens laser surgery. But the latter of course isn’t for everyone. Which leaves only two viable options. It can be a difficult choice for quite some people.

Although both offer the same net result, ie Vision correction.

For most people, their entrance into the world of vision correction begins with frames. But why is that?  To get a better idea so as to why glasses are simply better for you. Let’s take a cold hard look at contacts and of course – the humble pair of glasses. So you know exactly what to choose.

Final Verdict

Now when someone asks you for the classic ‘Glasses VS Contact lenses’ opinion, you know exactly what to say. But as always, not all glasses are created equal. Some are more equal than others. So the next time you need the best of the best, remember CocoLeni. Our selection of Handmade trendy glasses are guaranteed to set you back with the most stylish fashion statement ever. With thousands of trendy handcrafted frames to choose from and retail stores in Goa and Pondicherry, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits you the best. And if there isn’t a CocoLeni store near you, then you can simply order your pair online in India, Germany, Netherlands, USA or France right now.

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