It might come as no surprise that your style conveys volumes about you. But did you know that your eyewear has waltzed onto that bandwagon too? From vintage to classic to edgy – nowaday, it’s your eyewear that’s doing the singing and the world is dancing. Are you?

Visual communication comes in first place, for its irrefutable impact. That what we see – we never forget. When we like what we see – we covet. And so the story goes, hence communication is no more an underrated medium(was it ever?), but there is no denying that it has had to evolve drastically to keep up with the times.

Style is a cultured evolution of communication and of personal expression. Which is why every individual has their own characteristic style. Custom eyewear once donned, endorses any look and wraps up the package nicely(that would be you).

Accessories like eyewear accentuate and seamlessly pull just about any look together. Coordinating your outfits with your eyewear is a breeze and for more exclusivity? Well they do say, the more the merrier after all. Speaking of merry, at Global Eyeglasses we understand just how much style affects and can effect. We go to great lengths to give you a fusion of custom design, excellence and value, all at one go.

From assorted shapes and vibrant colours to fine fabrications – whether your style says bohemian, classic, vintage or punk, boy have we got an ocean of options for you to splash on. There’s always eyewear, if you dare, right here at Global eyeglasses.

And if you needed a hand with your eyewear styling – Our curated style section below features some inspiring everyday individuals(like yourself) in some of our bestselling frames this season. Stay tuned!

For miss boho

Girl playing guitar and singing for her friends at a summer evening beachparty


The wild child, ever the dreamer yet never one to back down from campaigning for a good cause. We think her eyewear suits her personality to the T.


Check out dreamy Deford for this “whoa” look.



For the retro mum

Happy young mother holding her son outside in summer nature


Always positive and full of life. This flowery mum keeps her chin up through thick and thin. You’ll never find her without her beloved custom eyeglasses.


Take a peek at Tarnov to get that fancy styling.



For little smarty-pants

kid and family


If ‘Tell-Me-Why’ was a little person, this is who it’d be. Organic cooking is just one among this fella’s interests. He diligently chooses his own eyewear and it shows.


We think Ojus would be oh-so-perfect on your little guy or girl.



For our hip gran

Portrait of a senior woman sitting and reading with her family in the background


Now this lady certainly knows how to shake a leg. Not many can keep up with her. Gran’s glasses got a whole other twist with this fun one.


For much and more uber-cool styling, check out Amasa.





For the sports-star

African american man running outdoors in the city. He is focused and determined.


Been the go-getter all his life. He fights right to the finish line and expects nothing less from his eyewear – sporty and durable to boot.


For the athlete in you, make a run for Starks.



For the socialite

hipster girl outdoors stands near a graffiti wall


She is the social butterfly who can’t go a day without Instagram. Little did you know; she also volunteers at the soup kitchen in her spare time. Always pretty and perfect, just like her go-to specsies.


All the ladies love Quay to bits.




Now that you’ve seen what stunning eyewear can do for you, check out Global Eyeglasses to indulge in the latest eyewear trends of 2016. It’s your vision and your life – Keep dancing to your own tune.