While you could go with warm and cozy clothes during winter, spring is strict in its fashion demands and you must make your move into the season of charm with an updated closet. No matter how many trendy tops and blouses you own, your closet is never complete without a couple of brand new trendy sunglasses.
For the past few days your Instagram newsfeed must have been bombarded with an endless range of trendy sunglasses. Do not worry in case you didn’t have time to catch up with the latest trends. Simply stay tuned with us since we did it for you.

Here are the top 5 trends that will be a hit in spring 2016:

  1. You surely recall cat eye sunnies from spring/ summer 2015. If you liked this shape of glasses, than you are not alone since fashion felt nostalgic towards this trend too. Be ready to see these anything-but-ordinary cat eye looks all over the streets this spring.  The prevailing trend proves cat eye glasses will not go out of style any time soon.
  2. When speaking of spring 2016 sunglasses trends, overpassing round glasses will be a major mistake.  You will certainly agree if you have been following the latest looks of celebrities and lifestyle personas. While in spring/summer 2015 these sunglasses mostly had white frames, 2016 trend leans towards more colorful outlines, such as pink and blue.  Don’t hesitate to buy one, especially if your face has triangular or round shape.
  3. Don’t get disappointed in case you are into classics and not very comfortable wearing accessories with somewhat “rebellious” look. Spring 2016 trends still features the tried and proven wayfarer glasses in mild colors. This shape will definitely provide you with a minimalist trendy look and a notion of confidence.  Our advice? If you are going to get just a single pair of shades, go for  Wayfarers.
  4. As expected, our top 5 couldn’t leave out oval glasses. It is a must if you have square or diamond face shape. Though oval glasses with frames of various colors are trendy, spring 2016 is mostly about two-tone oval glasses with black and white colors. Put it on a proper shelf in your closet if you seek a perfect combination of a trendy and smart look.
  5. Last but not least, our current favorite – oversized glasses. It is yet another emerging micro-trend in fashion accessories and we love it! Oversized glasses with all the attention grabbing effect are greatly popular among fashion forward crowds. The big news for fashion enthusiasts is that glasses will be getting bigger this year. So in case oversized glasses fit you, make sure to get this spring’s hottest look.

All the above mentioned eyeglasses are equally trendy for spring 2016. The important thing is to ensure you find the perfect shape that flatters your overall image. Make the right choice to guarantee both self-confidence and a trendy look. You deserve having a runway ready appearance on a daily basis.