Fashion often comes with a bunch of sensible contradictions. As such, “Geek Chic” style is becoming the fashion blow of the year. Ready or not, this back-to school style turns out to be the hottest trend of spring 2016 and if you are into fashion you might as well need to update your wardrobe with some of the must-have accessories of geek chic style. So here’s our top 5.

  1. Graphic T-shirts and crop tops.

T-shirts and crop tops with geeky illustrations and statements are an important staple of “Geek Chic” trend. Just get a few T-shirts with funny sayings, movie/cartoon characters and comics for a seamless geek chic look. Vintage tees prove to be the most popular ones. They look nice with a pair of cropped pants or chinos. Button-up blouses are another important part of a “geek chic” closet. They go really well with old-fashioned cardigans. No doubt, you can borrow one from your grandmother’s closet.

  1. A wide selection of colored skinnies and ankle-length socks.

Colored skinnies are another statement piece of geek chic style. No wonder, fashionistas prioritize the “chic” part as much as the “geek” part in this style. Skinny pants look very trendy when paired with geek chic graphic tees.
Fashion forward people seem to be strongly into this whole “back-to-school” culture. This became obvious when ankle-length socks came back in style. Take a look at your Instagram feed and you’ll see this trend has gone viral.

  1. A few pairs of Oxford shoes.

Find some time and go shopping. You will be surprised by the wide selection of geek chic Oxford shoes. They are very popular for a number of reasons, but mostly because this footwear looks great with almost any outfit. Lucky enough, it is also a staple of any geek-chic wardrobe.

Well, step into your pair of Oxfords and let’s pass on to another important component of this style.

  1. Enhance your geek chic style with a stylish tie.

Ties are an awesome addition to your wardrobe this season. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look and wear geeky striped ties. No doubt, they will give you a portion of geek flavor.

  1. Opt for a pair of super geeky eyeglasses.

Take your geek chic look to the next level with the most stylish accessory of the season: eyeglasses. Oversized glasses and plastic frames are the key features of this trend. Generally, geek glasses with black frames are the classic option. They look stylish and cool with almost any outfit. Never mind if you have a perfect eyesight. You can always wear a pair of plain lens eyeglasses as a fashion accessory.

Thus, spring 2016 proves that being a nerd has never been so cool.Get your pair of geek chic eyeglasses and embrace the biggest trend of the season!