This week, we are fawning over the smart and sexy specs worn by multi-tasking actress, comic-book author, and screen-writer, Rashida Jones. With her excellent choice of large, well-sculpted frames, she creates a look that is both intellectual and somewhat suave

Rashida is wearing semi-rimmed frames, with a very subtle cat-eye. This certainly plays into that famous ‘librarian look’, but the elegance of it is in the demure thickness of the lenses. Rashida makes a great choice by selecting glasses that shy away from the bulk of many vintage-style librarian looks. The careful geometry of the lenses does wonders to compliment her cheek-bones. The top frame sets off her eyebrows hidden under that fringe, and overall, the look is very successful, mature, and versatile.

The half-rim frame is a great alternative for you if you want to create a look that is under-stated but still effectively fashionable. Rimless glasses may limit your selection of individual style, opting for more universal and quiet design. Full-rimmed glasses can sometimes be difficult to style and are highly prominent. Why not meet half-way? Play around with the top frame by looking for rich colours, textures, and unusual frame architecture. Most importantly, make a keen decision on what shape of lenses you choose to compliment your facial features to the maximum potential.
Check out our Global Eyeglasses top picks for half-rimmed glasses, inspired by Rashida Jones.

“Flanders”, $39.00

“Posh Grey”, $69.00

“Lily Rose Christopher”, $49.00