Bespoke Service

One of a kind frames, built by our master craftsmen just for you

Order Custom-Tailored Eyewear

The process

We design a frame around the natural characteristics of a person, fit perfectly with their nose, head shape and ears, and lastly at the same moment create a custom-made lens of the highest quality. This combination of tailor-made lens and tailor-made frame offers unparalleled eyewear.

As many as twenty-eight distinct measurements are taken from the uploaded pictures and 3d scans. Materials are prepared and frames are being worked on by our artisan team.

At the laboratory, lenses of the greatest quality are prepared and fitted.

Design and Material

Material for the frame is chosen by the customer. These are then sent to the design studio of COCO LENI where it is redesigned accordingly. Specific attention is given to each customer’s brow line and the frame is tailored to give the face symmetry.

Buffalo Horn’s eye-catching and seamless touch is a real wonder to watch. The noble material, never ceasing to amaze with its wealthy colour composition, deep-set granularity and enviable texture, provides a truly unmistakable aesthetic that is unbeatable by any other material of its kind. With incredible lightness and the distinctive ability to mirror your own skin temperature.

Ranging from exceptionally versatile copper/silver alloy, wood, opulent 18k gold is the newest extension of the COCO LENI spectacle range. Realized in countless finishes and blends, there are really vast possibilities.

The Craft

The building of any single frame takes up to 40 hours by skilled craftsmen, of up to 2 weeks are required to prepare the frame.

Guidelines will be drawn with materials in working condition and the original shape will be cut. Edges will then be shaved to achieve optimal precision and the bridge moulded and shaped according to the contours of the client’s nose. Grooves will be cut into the inner rims of the frame to allow for lenses and rivets suitably pinned to accommodate the coupling of the temples.

Frames will then be thoroughly polished to smooth the contours and achieve the anticipated finishing requirements. Finally, a comprehensive inspection will be performed and checked according to original plans.