Bespoke Eyewear

Bespoke Eyewear

Why choose bespoke eyewear?

Accurate Fitting and Comfort

At COCO LENI we know the discomfort glasses can cause.

discomfort of eyeglasses

Some experiences can even be painful with an ill-fitting frame. Bespoke eyewear takes out all that worry of discomfort. The unique measurements help to craft a frame that fits smoothly around your features and contours of your head. By using specifically designed measurement devices we accurately take note of around 28 different measurements. 

To avoid the indentation caused by the nose bridge or pads on a ready to wear frame, we measure the splay angle and frontal angle of your nose providing us the angle that fits the most comfortable either side without creating pressure on the bridge of your nose. With standard frames it’s more likely that the bridge piece will be too tight or too loose, this is a problem as if it’s too tight a gap forms and means you will be pushing your glasses back up your nose and it’s also a cosmetic disadvantage. If it’s too loose then more weight is pressing down on the crest of your nose and again your spectacles will be slipping down. To make sure you don’t have these troubles we measure the apical radius of your nose.  It’s not only the angle that’s important. We measure the distance between rims of the lens both at 10mm and 15mm so the face sits accurately on your nose.

downward angle

We measure the downward angle of drop as if it is too steep it causes your glasses to slip down your nose, it will also create pressure behind the ear which leads to deep red marks causing soreness and less spectacle wear. By measuring this we can avoid two of the most common problems spectacle wearers experience. To further combat this problem, we measure the length to bend of the side as well as the angle. If it’s not accurate then once the lenses are in the frame your vision won’t be central.

Irritation does not just happen on the nose and behind the ear, readymade specs can feel as though they are squeezing your head or they can have a large gap from the side to your head. This squeezing feelings means the glasses are too tight and the result of this is the squeezing pushes the frame forward on your face and subsequently slipping down your nose. There are two measurements we take to ensure this doesn’t happen and they are: your temple width and your head width.

Better Vision

By choosing a bespoke frame it means the tailor-made shape helps the lens to sit perfectly where it should.

The back-vertex distance measurement is taken which shows which distance an individual wears their glasses so that once the lenses are in place they do not need to keep adjusting the frames on their face. We then center your vision by measuring your interpupillary distance (PD) which is then used for the lens order. The centration of the lens is important as its accuracy determines the best eyesight and no distortion or aberrations towards the periphery of your vision. We never assume your interpupillary distance is the same for each eye, so we always check mono pupillary distance also.

With a readymade pair of spectacles the crest can cause irritation on the top of the nose, if it doesn’t sit correctly it means your vision will be compromised as the crest fitting affects the height of the lens. To make sure you don’t have to compromise on your vision we measure your crest height.

One potential problem with spectacles is your eyelashes touching the lens every time you blink. Some people resort to wearing their glasses lower because of this and therefore their vision will not be as clear. Your vision is important to us and so we measure your bridge projection to see how far away or close the glasses should sit.

If your prescription is higher or you require a multifocal lens, then to ensure you have the clearest vision we take a vertical measurement which is known as the height. The PD measurement centers your vision horizontally and the height centers it vertically. When a height measurement is required and not taken the repercussions mean you won’t feel comfortable wearing your glasses, your vision will be distorted and towards the edge of the lens you may experience a fishbowl effect. Some people may even feel nausea. We take care to ensure the measurement is taken and accurate.

Longer Life and More Sustainable Approach

The average lifespan for spectacles is between 6 months- 1 year based on cheaper non-renewable sources. COCO LENI care about the impact on our environment and choose to use sustainable materials for our bespoke range. This consists of cellulose acetate which is a plant -based material, wood, ethically sourced buffalo horn and titanium. The lifespan for these materials can be up to 10 years. Each one is light weight providing better comfort and biodegradable to help reduce waste.

Bespoke Eyewear

Bespoke requires mainly handcraft therefore the process is also eco-friendly as our frames are not mass produced.

Simplifying Options

Here at COCO LENI we want you to feel 100% satisfied with your product; which is why you have the freedom to choose which style you like, not only as a whole frame but you can be specific and customize to your preference. We know it is a daunting experience, so we let you have complete control over the design of your frame, a product that is unique to you. 

Choose from our collection of frame and side designs, all from our sustainable materials.

If you are looking for the perfect pair of glasses that: take out the stress of looking for the right frame, provide the best vision, are the most comfortable and have a good impact on the environment then our Bespoke range has been designed for you. 

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