The Benefits of Choosing Horn-Rimmed Glasses: A Guide for Style-Conscious 

As a luxury eyewear retailer, COCO LENI offers the highest quality products for their discerning clientele. Among their collection are horn-rimmed glasses made from real buffalo horn. In this interview with Arjun Sagar, the horn frame expert at COCO LENI discusses the benefits of these unique glasses, how to care for them, and the art of working with horn frames. 


1) Real horn glasses are a rarity in today's market, what are some benefits to wearing glasses made from buffalo horn?

According to the expert, there are eight benefits to wearing horn-rimmed glasses:

  1. Horn is a natural and sustainable material without plastic.
  2. Horn is hypoallergenic and can be easily tolerated by even the most sensitive people.
  3. Each frame is one of a kind due to the natural differences in coloration.
  4. Horn adjusts to the wearer's head shape over time, creating a "living glasses" effect.
  5. Horn frames are breathable and do not trap heat.
  6. Compared to similar acetate frames, horn is considerably lighter.
  7. Horn frames are durable and can be used for years.
  8. Real horn glasses are a testament to timeless style.


 Q: Can you tell us about your experience with horn-rimmed glasses?

A: As a master optician at COCO LENI, I have gained extensive experience working with horn frames. I have always been drawn to tinkering and experimenting with this unique material, even during my apprenticeship in Germany.

Q: How should one care for horn frames?

A: Consistent care is crucial for maintaining horn frames. Unlike other materials, it's best not to use soap or detergent. Instead, a special cleaning agent should be used. Horn is like leather; it's a living thing that needs care. Over time, the frames may develop stripes, which is normal. I always recommend bringing in horn frames for some TLC once or twice a year.

Q: Who typically buys horn frames from COCO LENI?

A: Our clientele, primarily from the financial sector, values the highest quality and a classic, timeless look. They appreciate the unique character and soul that horn frames possess, and often wear them for longer periods of time compared to other materials.

Q: What advice would you give to opticians who are new to working with horn frames?

A: Working with horn frames requires a lot of care and patience. It's important to work by feel, rather than pressure, and to use a lot of heat that can sufficiently penetrate the material. Curving the horn frames and holding them in that shape is crucial, as they will otherwise bend back into their original form.

Q: Why do you believe it's worth having horn frames in your collection?

A: Horn frames are truly unique and possess a character that cannot be found in any other material. They are the supreme discipline in our craft, and mastering them requires a deep understanding and appreciation of their intricacies. In a way, having horn frames in your collection is a testament to your skill and dedication as an optician.

Photo by Harshil Gudka