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Timeless Legends

Discover "Timeless Legends", a collection of eyewear that epitomizes strength and definition. Each piece, bold and solid, stands out with its provocative design, crafted for those who dare to be different.

Founder's League

These frames are designed not just for appearance but for everyday transcendence, blending functionality with subtle elegance. Made from premium horn and acetate, each piece offers a sophisticated touch that complements the wearer's enterprising lifestyle.


A tribute to the enduring elegance of the past, crafted for the demands of daily life. Inspired by the timeless designs of a bygone era, each frame blends vintage charm with modern resilience, making them perfect for everyday wear and rough use.

Transcending since 1946

Tailor made Eyewear


Each pair is uniquely crafted with your monogram, name, and a special number revealing the artisan's story and your frame's precise calibration. Customize further by mixing colors, temples, and hinges to perfectly match your style.

Made to Measure

We calibrate and size each frame based on meticulous measurements of your face, considering over 50 different aspects to ensure a perfect fit. Our detailed approach examines every contour and feature, from the bridge of your nose to the width of your temples, ensuring comfort and style are in perfect harmony. This tailored process guarantees that your eyewear not only looks exceptional but feels custom-made, just for you.



Annaberg-Buchholz Eyewear East Germany

Like any story, ours starts ‘once upon a time’.

It all began in Germany...Annaberg-Bucholz to be precise in former East Germany.

A workshop was established, in 1946 making handcrafted frames using durable materials and lenses.

During this period, East German goods weren't considered fashionable, but they lasted longer.

Matthias Haase, an eyewear craftsman and optometrist worked in the same workshop since in 1981.

He was then a young man with the vision to make beautifully hand-crafted eyewear using the finest local materials in a post war country when things looked bleak.

Matthias was determined to bring some sunshine into those dark times and what started then is the soul of COCO LENI.

We employ women to ensure we create financial independence, and a skill that can be taken wherever they may find themselves.

Today we are determined to bring a positive impact to our world. How we do this, is the difference which makes COCO LENI a friend of the world.

Then one day, when Arjun Sagar, was trawling the world of eyewear he met the legend, Matthias, who became his mentor.

The perfect harmony between timeless craftsmanship and modern sophistication, offering environmentally conscious glasses of unparalleled quality that are built to last a lifetime.

With a 10-year guarantee, your COCO LENI eyeglasses are an investment in timeless luxury and sustainable style.

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