Step into 2020 in style with these leading eyewear trends

It’s been a wild ride to 2020, and a lot of us are still getting used to thinking that 1990 was not “the last decade”. We’ve seen the revival of many styles and witnessed the birth of others. Let’s take a clear eyed, 20/20 view at what lays ahead for us in eyewear fashion in the year 2020.

The Classic Club Master Frame

The club master is a design that demands a level of authority. Along with that, they also come with a stamp of intellectualism. If you get yourself a pair of these, we suggest you neither confirm nor deny those claims. Worn famously by the activist, Malcolm X, the club master style historic and timeless. Clubmasters are not as mainstream as wayfarers, and make for a great choice for people who want to stand out. Check out Coco Leni’s great club master models Buyezo and Greifensee.

The Tortoise That Wins the Race

The eclectic patterns of tortoise shells have captivated us for years. The material itself slipped into eyewear manufacturing in the 20th century, some time before we understood the impact of this kind of use. When you look for a pair for yourself, look for environmentally conscious acetate frames. Hit the beach in style this season with these gorgeous tortoise shell sunglasses! Shop for the colourway that suits you, only at Coco Leni.

Rare and Unique Octagonal Frames

To make a bold statement, think outside the box! Or, in this case, outside boxy frames. Unique silhouettes like this wireframe draw attention to the wearer, highlighting their creative choice in fashion. Prepare yourself for compliments! Look for sleek and durable and durable bodies like this. This piece from Coco Leni’s titanium range is a cool find that fits these criteria. If you’re planning a fun house party, wear frames like these for a quirky and stylish appeal. Pair with other metallic, geometric jewellery and accessories, and uncommon dress choices.

Small Sized Round Frames Are A Hipster Essential

Shell frames on undersized, circular lenses was by the Harry Potter franchise and continue to gain new fans everyday. Today it’s a look that veers strongly from the magical child from the series. Wear these frames for a retro-artistic look, coupled with a comfortable, utilitarian feel. The thick frames on these guys are the perfect choice for people busy in their creative pursuits with no time for other peoples’ opinions.

Get yours today at Coco Leni.

Stay Cool in these Cateyes

This is the kind of fresh look you want to carry with you into 2020! Combine the eternally fashionable, feline features of cat eye glasses with gorgeous colour tints for an unparalleled beauty look. This is the Liestal, made from wood, by Coco Leni’s excellent craftsmen. These frames can be paired with a variety of tint colours.